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FIBC / Jumbo Bags

RAS is producing full range of UV stabilized FIBC and exporting them all around the world. We can provide a wide range of the FIBC as the bulk packaging solution for industries like Chemical, Fertilization, Agriculture, Aggregate, Construction Material, Minerals and many more.   FIBC is one of the key products of the RAS as more and more industry switching to FIBC for the economical packaging solution and easy handling of the filled-in produce. We can offer the wide verities of FIBC like Type A, B, C and D along with the food-grade certification. Bag construction would be U-panel, Circular, Side tunnel and 4 panels and made from 90 GSM to 250 GSM woven fabric with or without coating. We produce FIBCs with a wide range of fitments like top and bottom Spouts, top duffle (Skirts), top and bottom flap, Baffles ( Q-bags). We also offer the bags with LDPE liners (Tabbed, glued, form fit or loosely inserted ), dustproof seams. We can provide the different lifting options as well like Side loops,cross-corner loops, Single loop, Double loops, Stevedore lifts. Printing can be done up to 4 colours.


Woven Fabric

RAS has the full range of woven polypropylene fabric in light and heavyweight in the production range. We are producing the woven fabric for different applications like making the small sacks, FIBC, carpet backing fabric, woven fabric for the paper bags lamination, Spiral fabric, Mattresses covers, floor protection, steel covers, fabric for special industrial coating and applications. We can produce the fabric from 45 GSM to 250 GSM lay flat (heat cut open) and Tubular form in custom length roll or master rolls. We can also make fabric from 5x5 to 24x 18 meshes as per the customer requirements. We can offer the fabric width from 14” to 210“ wide in coated and uncoated varieties. RAS is also able to offer the HDPE fabric for various applications and general packaging. PP and HDPE fabric can be produced with a UV stabilizer and in any colour.


Geo Textile and Ground Covers

Woven Geotextile fabric is an excellent source for the economical way of ensuring better drainage and sediment control during the landfill, highway construction, earthmoving activities, land escaping and during the rainstorms. The PP lining as a Geotextile provides a very effective erosion control of the topsoil and balance between the durability and strength to hold the topsoil and avoid flush out. Geo Textile fabric acts as an effective infiltration system and preserves the silt formation and choking the drainage system from the sediments. This fabric lasts for years in the place of application due to the UV stabilization and chemical treatment given to the fabric. Our full range of the Geotextile includes the Ground Covers from 50 GSM to 315 GSM from 6 ‘to 12.5’ wide. Silt Fence from 45 GSM to 120 GSM in a master roll in ranging width of 24’ to 48’ and also providing the custom made main hole drainage bags to prevent from choking with the sand and construction materials.


PP Woven Sacks and Sand Bags

RAS is producing more than 2 million WPP small bags for the 5 kg to 100 kgs capacity every month. These bags are used for packing the food grains, cement, sugar, chemical, Fertilizer, farm produce, cocoa, coffee beans and aggregates. We can make these bags in tubular, L-Stich construction and 45 GSM to 120 GSM from 5x5 mesh to 12x12 mesh fabric. These bags could be coated/uncoated and with or without the liner. Sandbags production is also one of the major small bag businesses for us and we produce the sandbags for the export markets in different colours and with or without tie string.

  • Baling Twine

  • Multi Filament Sewing Thread

  • 2-3 Strand Rope

  • Wrapping Woven Sheet in clear, white and colour with a coating

  • Lumber Wrappings

  • House Wrappings

Garden Waste Bags

Ideal for collecting dry leaves, twigs and garden waste. These bags can also be used for collecting newspapers, magazines, toys etc. Bags are self-standing and can be easily emptied with the loop in the bottom.


HDPE / PP Woven wove tarp for covering and securing the stored products from natural elements with corner grommets for securing the tarp in one place.

Container Liners

20’ and 40’ container liner to transport the goods in bulk with filling and discharge spouts.

Box bags

We are able to produce the Box bags with top flap, in clear, white and any in color.

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